Bitch Ass Virus-2

BItch Ass Hypocrites

"The Mockery of Religious Beliefs"

It is happening more and more now during this Pandemic that Religion is being degraded and mocked by many on social media. This is almost a everyday thing I scroll through facebook and Instagram and come across some Memes, Images, etc posted. Now in some ways these post can be humorous in my opinion ( having a dark and sarcastic sense of humor) , but there are some that are just disrespectful. It's like ok, we get it don't believe in God or J.C and you highly doubt and roll your eyes at the thought that prayer can solve any problems. That is absolutely fine, that is the human right to Believe and to not Believe, but is is absolutely necessary to mock someone else who does believe in God and Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior and believes in Miracles that come from the power of prayer,, Is it really? There is a difference from Expressing your own opinion and beliefs to being a heartless buly.

This is coming from someone who is not a religious person. I do believe in a higher power but don't believe in the bible or much of what religion teaches ....Not really; but either way some of the stories in the bible are pretty good, irregardless though I would never mock any religion or anyone who has their own beliefs besides the whole jim jones Cult of course. Anyways I just won't do that or behave in that type of manner as frequently as some do because I don't see any valid reason behind any of it, unless you are just one miserable fuck who has nothing else better to do with all the free time given nowadays or nothing else better to talk about. With that being said , don't bother trying to say I'm a hypocrite now because I'm passing judgement on all Atheist and Satanist pointing the finger making anyone out to be the bad guy here, I'm not. I just go off by what I have seen, I have not seen anyone on my thread shoving religion through memes and images that stated "If you don't believe your going to hell where you belong I have not seen that maybe a few inspiring quotes and bible verses but is that harmful? Harmful enough to hurt any feelings? If Prayer, and Bible stories make a person happy, and feel safe , and bring some sort of comfort and peace in a persons life than let them have it , and back the fuck off., there is nothing wrong with anyone getting anything positive out of everything another person thinks is a joke just to bring on the negativity. I know that there are those who are what they call themselves to be "Christians" and yet have made incredibly disgusting and evil remarks about gays, Rock and Metal Music , I know about those , and I 100% do not agree with that sort of behavior and If I am around to personally see on social media or in general I will address that . ... but I'm only going by what I have recently come across enough for me to say ok, ok, shut up already ya Dick Get a Hobby...start knitting or something ...

That's all I'm gonna say ....FOR NOW