A Heavenly Virtual Birthday

My Blah Blog Entry Prior to this I mentioned that this month is an emotional one for me, not because of my husband and my Anniversary, but mainly because it is my Mom’s Birthday. She is no longer with us in the flesh,, and not only am I missing her , I am missing all the small opportunities to fill out a hallmark card, pick out some flowers and sit across from her at restaurant for Dinner, With my Random yet Creative , imaginative mind I came up with one way to celebrate and make it somewhat as special as It could have been if she was still here. So I added A New Blog Page and it’s known as the Party On Room. I guess i will use this new room as a virtual reality one , as I did for my mom's birthday party. I decorated it in her favorite colors “Purple and white” balloons page background, added a 50’s Rock star theme, and threw her a little virtual birthday Party.

Corny maybe but I feel pretty good about it. Plus it became more obvious to me of how the internet truly does have Everything, Like a VIRTUAL CAKE THAT LIGHT UP candles and candles get blown out by hand on mouse movement which makes me very happy to get my Mom a Web Legit Cake. As far as flowers and a card go , I came across a website 800flowers.com. This is a website that allows you to send not only an e card, but an assortment of beautiful on the screen bouquet of flowers with a Vase even and best part, It’s Free!. So I selected the best flowers for her and entailed them to myself , and saved them to my computer. The Best part of this virtual Birthday party is a Bonus visit from Richard Gere who came with a rose, now that is something I;m sure I would never be able to do without the internet. Even though it;s truly not the same without my Mother being here, there are ways to still celebrate a special occasion..

Other Gift Ideas for a virtual Celebration , That I came across Is SONG LYRICS. If you cannot think of your own there are song generators on the internet that come up with some lyrics for you. If Song Lyrics isn't enough make a Cd Cover and list the songs that person liked, or songs you dedicate to that person, and with that you can create a playlist on Spottily, Pandora etc. I always liked giving my mom a card that plays music I created an e card for my Husband which is posted on my Sid and Nancy Fairy-tail Blog with my recorded voice saying “Happy anniversary I love you” this was made possible by using KAPWING, which allows you to add audio to a photo..So you can add any mp3 choice of song or voice recording .To record my voice I used Speakpipe and to download an mp3 online I used a YouTube down loader which allows you to take any video URL from YouTube and download either an Mp4 video or The Mp3 Music. I also used Kapwing to design a CD Album cover and the Party On Room Background. Finally the most symbolic way to show some love is to Light A Candle online, and add some words to pay tribute to a certain someone who has passed. That all that is too it so Party On and a big Celebration Cheers!

Birthday Song Lyrics:

Today is a birthday, I wonder for whom? It must be for somebody right in this room. So look all around you for somebody who Is smiling and happy, my goodness, it's you!

Happy Birthday Cory, from all of us to you, Happy Birthday Cory, from all of us to you. We congratulate you, and hope all your sweet dreams come true, Happy Birthday Cory from your daughter Sarah, and the rest of the family too (boom boom.)

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