A Hot Mess to Impress.....

As I was watching the music video of Prodigy-Smack my Bitch Up, for my Musik Video Flashback Post which you can

View Here.. Once the video reached the end I immediately thought to myself "Damn, What a Hot Mess." Then I also realized I had a lot in common with that chick in the music video.... A lot of similar experiences I had in my 20's and early 30's am I proud of that?... I'm proud of a lot of things that others would not be proud of . and others are to ashamed to admit . Then there are The remaining few that are completely. in DENIAL . Well Reality will Check You , and by that time it does there is a lot of cleaning up to do . So take it from someone like myself (a proficient hot mess) Here's I came up with a list of my own from my own List of what I feel is best described as a "HOT MESS" . I gathered this info from my Messy Habits, My friends, and even some from .a few randoms . So this is Pretty Spot On. see if you or someone you knows is "A HOT MESS."


1. Use duct tape on the back of the TV remote when you misplace the real back. Or on anything else you feel that duct tap e can be used for...

2. Own more than 10 pairs of bugged eyed oversized sunglasses, because they come to good use to hide the smeared mascara and the hungover baggy eyes.

3. Drink more liquor right when you wake up because you strongly believe it's the only cure for a hangover.

4.Have to apologize for something you did or said the night before, for the 3rd time in the the same month to the same people you upset.

5.Excessively use the "I Blacked Out" Excuse

6.)You have more that 3 Gift cards that already been used stashed inside your wallet with you expired driver license, Gym membership card from 3 years ago.

7.Wear your hair up in a messy bun more than 3 times a week to work or class because you were running late and had no time to wash, brush or style it.

8) )If you post a facebook status that only says you are" feeling sad, heartbroken,etc". and nothing else ....

9.)Have most of your close left at other people homes because you couldn't find them at the time.

10.)Need to have Starbucks coffee with an extra tripleshot, whip cream,

and /or chocolate/caramel syrup in a Venti or Srenta Size to get you through the day.

11.) Have more than 3 alarms set to wake up, but still end up pushing the snooze button over and over until you have to be somewhere in 10 mins. before you finally get out of bed.

12.) Only Clean and organize your room Once every 2 to 3 months.

13.) Look frantically for something you cannot find making a mess as you throw things around. Only to find it in the proper place it belongs , after you cleaned the room you now again made a mess of.

14.) Have more than 2 sticks old ,dried up Mascara in your makeup bag

15) Excessively use more that 2 Emojicon in every text you send ....

16.) Excessively use this emoji to lighten up A STORY about your bad embarrassing experience. that you shared with others on Social Media.