Since the entire world has been put under quarantine. Millions are advised to remain inside their homes. No more children attending schools, not many people are still able to return to their jobs and many businesses remain shut down due to the spread of Covid-19. There are those days that we as people remain busy, whether it's homeschooling their children, preparing meals, household chores, and grocery shopping. Then there are those days when we have a lot of downtimes and some people keep themselves occupied in participating in many home activities or get bored with doing the same thing every day. So how can we prevent boredom during the long hours , and days in quarantine? Well I have done some research, and came up with my own ways that may help occupy all the extra free time we Have been left with.

Online Resources Let's check out places we have never been to before, or will not end up going to anytime soon due the the risky circumstances.

  • - Earth which is webcams set up in places ALL over the World.. You can enjoy the sceneries in the comfort and safety of your own home. My favorite cam I frequently visit is the "little white chapel' cam to see the different types of themed weddings people have in Vegas ( star wars, cowboys, and Elvis and Marilyn Monroe)

  • lets you Virtually Visit Popular Museums that are located throughout the world. I just Virtually visited The Palace of Versailles in France, and it was pretty awesome.

-International Landmarks-

-Musical & Film Art-

  • Ann Arbor Film ;Festival will Livestream films starting March 24-29 at 2 p.m. EDT, I love all kinds of Movies and Films so I'm stoked over this!!

  • Rossini Opera Festival

  • The Metropolitan Opera, -I never thought I would ever have an interest or be bored enough to want to watch an Opera EVER, but I found it to be pretty Intriguing. New Performances stream every 20 to 24 hrs.

-Visit Zoos and Aquariums-

We are socially distancing ourselves from The Public including animals. but there are live streaming webcams t zoos and aquariums set up allow us to still view and appreciate ALL different kinds of animals at a "Safe Distance."


  • Online Ghost Hunting - Willard Library is known to be very haunted, 4 webcams are set up in the most active rooms of the library. LIVE 24/7 there are many ghost sightings that viewers have caught MYSELF INCLUDED IIt's not necessarily the most fun thing you can do online but once you spot something out of the ordinary and unexplainable it really gets you...)

  • LIVE CONCERTS - A lot of Music Festivals and concerts have been postponed or canceled. These music Artist will perform for us, LiVE from their own home

  • --has a list of other things you can do online for free. Ivy League courses Online- Get educated Ivy League Status for Free... 450 courses to choose from. You may feel like a genius by the tllllll

Quarantine is F-Ing Frustrating and so is boredom!....Now I can give you the TYPICAL "What to do tips." that I have come across in MANY websites, but I'm not typical, or I try not to be . So Here are a few suggestions that I have participated in myself, and a few that I do plan on to participate in during my time in Quarantine. I will post videos on my Ig and FB stories and will announce them in my daily Blog.

🧠Keep in mind....

Some of these are just meant to try on your own, and the rest can involve others in your household (kids, roommate, girlfriend, boyfriend , hubby , wifey, whatever)

-Main-Steam Musick-


Medicate to some Music Now we all have different taste in runes. I have good taste in good music. I enjoy all the kinds of Genres but as most know I prefer Rock, and Metal. I always said "Concerts are my getaway retreat spas and Mosh pits is the best type of Anger Management." It has been both Frustrating and heartbreaking to hear about all of the  Cancelled and Postponed Concerts/Festivals that occurred this year due to that bitch ass Virus.

In the mean time some artist have chosen to do a free online concert for their many fans and bored browsers, they perform at there home usually as their viewers watch from theirs. I find that to be pretty awesome but most of those artist are not my usual taste in music.  So I say Fuck It, I'm gonna have my own private VIP concert ; and so can you!

🎶Private VIP Concert 🎶

It's not idealistically fun to mosh by yourself, so others should be willing to participate. I don't mean shove your kids to the floor, or crowd kill your family members. Some non-hazardous headbanging will do, jumping up and down , and a friendly circle pit is just as fun  for you and the other concert goers. So Go ahead wear your favorite band tee, Get a few beers, put on the studded belt, Just look up your favorite bands LIVE RECORDED concert  Videos On the Internet, and if you happen to have any Light Effects in your household , plug them in, Turn up the speakers and ENJOY THE SHOW! This can go for Pop , and Rap shows to but don't plan on grinding on any family members that is both inappropriate ,and so incest YUCK! but the grinding sure can  spark up the mood between you and you L🖤ver. 🎇*wink wink"🎇

Music Videos Sources

Metallica Mondays

*METALLICA will add a new LIVE CONCERT STREAM every Monday on their YouTube / Facebook*



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