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#2. Quarantine Playlist

This Pandemic has been an Emotional Rollercoaster. Since  all this started, personally I undergo so many thoughts and feelings and I am pretty damn sure hundreds and thousands more can relate. Music can be the best therapy, Tune out the chaos and let it Play out .

The songs do not have to be about getting sick or dying.,We all know what's going on in the word since the news and social media keeps everyone well informed ..this is more of a chance for you to get away without leaving the house. Get that mental and emotional relief that is very much needed. I can relate to every song from the Playlist I created, every lyric, every tone they maybe different genres but all have a similar effect on me .."Its like yeah you get it." I add a new tune or 2 every other day and then I SHUFFLE and PLAY Not only does this playlist show my taste in music, it helps me recognize the way I feel most days I go through during his Scary ,Difficult, and yet BORING time.

My Supreme Quarantine -19


Covid-19 Party Playlist


Megadeth's Quarantine


Hand Washing. 20 secs,


3. Throw a Online/Game Night

I actually came up with this idea from watching (THE Break-up) and an App called House Party

The App allows you to have multiple Videos Calls up wto 8 friends/ family members.

The games you can play with others on live video chat would be CHARADES HEADS-UP PICTIONARY etc. even board games all everyone pretty much needs is their own dice. and a camera pointing directly at the board while someone more the Game pieces from square to square depending who is the host of the game night.

It can be for kids to play along, or even make a drinking game out of it For Adults...

4. HOUSE PARTY APP! Movie night/ or all day marathon

  • MOVIE NIGHT MARATHON THEME Aim the camera Directly at screenreen or share the direct uploaded link with the others and all watch and react at the same time , again kids can be involved or make a drinking game out of it ,

  • TWOSEVEN n App Is a great app o Video Chat and just regular chat with friends and family while watching movies from Online MP4. HULU, YOUTUBE, AMAZON PRIME, CRUNCHYROLL ITS AWESOME!!!


-Scary Movie Horror Night/ any time someone scream take a shot/ or chug a beer. This is obviously a B,Y..O.B and Bring your own Snacks kind of thing. but enjoy each others company,

-Chick flick Movie Night. with the Girls only Put on the charcoal masks drink some wine Gossip about someone online post. Talk about shit you usually talk to your girlfriends about. while watching a chick flick online.

This can even go for a

5. Have and Online Party or Get Together

dress in a theme have a few drinks, smoke some weed (without the puff puff pass social distancing policy and just )chit chat. USE HOUSE PARTY, SKYPE, FACEBOOK MESSENGER , multi video CHAT APPS.

  • DRESS UP In a Theme like Apocalypse theme or Zombie theme get as creative with around the house makeup and wardrobe

  • VOTE FOR THE BEST DRESSED not just from the House party . but from the online polls that are available in Instagram Stories and Facebook . WHOEVER gets the most votes on the best dressed wins a gift card to amazon, online shopping stores or grocery stores they can still use under quarantine.


  • FACEBOOK messenger and HOUSEPARTY APPS is great for this. you can do a duet while others watch n laugh or enjoy the show just connect to Youtube or a krake app on your phone T.V Screen find a song of your choice and and sing away or keep private party in the household

7.Be a DJ Online Chatroom

  • PLug DJ APP! BE A DJ share your you tube, sound cloud , your own mp3 with others friends family , even strangers that join your community and chat it up, this can be a way to have your own private concert as well

8 Quarantine Games- Make up your own,

GET Creative you can use this as a way to make spending too much time together less aggravating and more fun. My Husband and I came up with Bitch ass