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Spotify's Daily Wellness,

Starting The Day with some Motivating Podcasts and Tunes:

  • Daily🌞 Shine!

  • Music Break-

  • Yoga, Meditation,

  • Muntera,

  • Quotes, and More...

I PERSONALLY try to do 2-3 things everyday to start my day and to get through the rest…..

  1. Learn Something New!, I always check up on some FACTS for the Day A little Information about something you never knew: It Does Wonders for the Mind, Give the Brasin some kudos instead of Stress , Worries, and any other Pressures the Mind is dealing with on a daily basis.

  2. Check my Daily Horoscope Another Feature Spotify added Tells you your horoscope for whatever Sign You are on a Daily.

  3. Quote or Thought of the Day

  4. Daily Wellness just about tells you all the above except horoscope, But There are Breathing Exercises, Meditations, Mixed with a Few breaks to listen to some popular upbeat tunes. Check it out and Start your Day off Well.👍

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Bitch FIT2!

BATTLESHIP Wars GAME l Multiplayer Online- Bitch Fit(Airstrike and Location)

I remember How Much i LOVED BATTLESHIP as a kid ....even better the electronic Battleship ... it's completely strategic, and takes Mathematical skills, I hate math but I loved playing battleship because I was reallllly goood at winning the game.

So I found a Battleship Wars Online Multiplayer Game and All I can say is Woe No wonder The world is full of IDIOTS . This game completely take the strategy away because There are options given to Air Strike and a Locator and it doesn't take much to earn those extra "Privileges." Like the Air strike is totally Ridiculous a JET flies over and Fires 5 or 6 missiles at your side which gives a higher chance at sinking your battleship without much effort like what kind of B.S. is that ? TThe locator is Worse itt actually shows you where a ship is actually located, unlike the Airstrike there are times those extra missiles don't do ya much good

SEE WHAT I MEAN???So we don;t really play another Person we play with a person that needs help from the game



Interesting Enough Site


The Warhol Cam