1.You’re in love with a person who used to be your ”The One.” Now He is the One That Bullies You.

2. The Love Bully will NOT take responsibility for his/her own actions. , Nor Apologize unless It’s for his/her own Benefit.

3. The Love Bully over exaggerates a tone, a look, a statement.. Starts Accusing the other of attacking or being sarcastic.

4. Love Bully takes advantage of others kindness and sympathy use Tears , and share their struggles mostly FINANCIAL (This can go for fake friends too)

5. The Love Bully will LIERALLY SEARCH high and low for anything that will stir up an argument and no matter what the argument is about the other is always at fault because they found out something you never mentioned.

6. Play the VICTIM, when someone is around or nearby. For example: saying “I don’t want to fight!” loud enough to be heard over and over again during the fight that person actually started

7. The Physical INTIMIDATION- Throwing things around , Slamming doors, Punching walls Blocking the doors to prevent the other from leaving.

8. THE CLASSIC but WEAK -Throw Past Mistakes, Flaws, etc. RIGHT BACK in THE other persons face and use it as their defense mechanism , and reasoning behind their behavior...

9. Yells and Throws a Fit, Makes Threats Betray, or Blackmail ,or else they will Harm you , or a loved one, and even Threaten to hurt themselves. That’s using both Manipulation and Intimidation.

1`0 Ignore you Give the Cold Shoulder, Isolate and even Abandon you no matter time and place....AND ANOTHE bully type MOVE 'GHOSTING".👻


💑We don't get Enough Encouragement these days, So I encourage you Men & Women , Not To Do These 3 Things ONCE we all stop doing these 3 things. I'm Sure It will make a huge change, in many Lives, A Positive one that is MUCH NEEDED.!✌

-This is based on my Point of View and my Own Experiences & even Guilty of Doing some of these Myself.🙄


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