Coroh-no Seriously? Virus Crisis

I may have to apologize in advance to anyone that may be offended by this post I in no way shape or form want to offend or downplay a sensitive topic/situation as The Coronavirus (Covid 19) This Virus has affected many lives worldwide including mine but everyone may have a different approach to handling a situation like this ...I chose to handle this ( and OTHER problematic situations) with Humor but I am passionate about my beliefs and instincts. I have had more than enough time to observe and research. what I have seen is humorous and but overall Just OUTRAGEOUS.

America is What The F***

Well we are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY and it is Scaring the Shit out of Everyone, Literally It seems like. The way we humans react to a "Crisis" is shameful, This is the United States Of America, let me repeat that word 'UNITED." The word United is defined:

  • involving people or groups working together to achieve something

  • made one

Unfortunately in a state of panic many American singles themselves out and get desperately Greedy. Like the phrase "Every man for himself" people are trying to save themselves from a difficult situation without trying to help anyone else, everyone else should matter, everyone else is facing this Corona Virus (Covid 19) Outbreak too. We all deserve a Chance to Survive, We survive this together, we become United then we can Overcome this deadly Disease. But no, the hysteria has left many without Toilet paper, soap, napkins/paper towels, cleaning supplies, and food. This is a disgraceful embarrassment to this Nation, and all of mankind, The example these adults set on young children, I can only fear for what is to become of us in the Future. The actions of those type of people are one sad JOKE, There are things you can look back on and end up laughing at it, this situation I can never laugh at, people fighting over toilet paper rolls in the middle of a grocery store is PATHETIC. Taking baby Wipes to use for your convenience rather than leaving it for someone else who needs those baby wipes for their child. A mother asking others on social media to help find a grocery store that has food that has food and water in stock so she herself and her children can have something to eat and drink during this pandemic.

America Looks F****ed

Children not able to go to school, and with adults that are unable to work because companies are forced to shut down temporarily to prevent the spread of the virus. parents and children are advised to be on "lockdown" in their home all-day food, water and other supplies needed for hygiene and their health is Vital, and yet unfulfilled. Because of all this, I am left

to question:

What is more destructible to human life, the virus or others Irrationality???

Like many others I too, fear the unknown and what's to become of us is unknown from the coronavirus Pandemic. Financially were at risk, with no work there is no money, but rent, mortgage, and bills are still due so now there I a financial crisis alongside A major health care and food and water shortage, What else left for us to do but Panic & BECOME THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE or we get our shit together and figure out the best way we can overcome this.


Whether it's taken too seriously enough to stir panic, there are always those who take another approach to Coronavirus Pandemic.

We all have our ways to cope with difficult situations that's what I began to notice much more of on Facebook. Many of my Facebook friends tend to use a humorous sarcastic approach to the Coronavirus This is my usual approach to a lot of problematic situations I face in my personal life.

Like my funny FB Friends, I began to CoronaVirus, I started sharing memes and making videos on how to distract a CoronaVirus shopper" Making my post that I know would offend some but give others a laugh. Even though I knew how sensitive a topic like the Corona Virus was I shared my opinion. anyway using my sarcastic sense of humor approach. I have a low tolerance for those that take things too seriously, so my sarcastic humor is my way of telling to lighten up a little. The main trigger I use is on "anyone who has kids" (I will get more into that on a later post .)Anyways dealing with the CoronaVirus pandemic, is serious enough as is, but when others (more than 3 people/patents complain about the same thing (for example) kids being homeschooled fora month or more. Personally, as an adult who has no children, I found myself relieved that I don't t have to worry about schooling a child while under stress and concern over my job, paying bills and making money. So I posted my overall response to those who complained about the situation and how relieving it was to not have kids I knew It was a sensitive topic .. but it's only my opinion how harmful can that be? lighten the fuck up or stop complaining.

` I'm not trying to come off as a bully, and hurt anyone's feelings; that's not my intention, it's a harmless approach to sharing my opinion ( I'd like to think.} Among my Facebook friends /followers that have kids usually tend to get defensive., and an argument online breaks out. The outcome of my post didn't end that way, I made sure it wouldn't because of all the stress I knew everyone was under.n Overall, studies have proven that laughter relieves stress and can be the best medicine maybe we should learn to laugh a little it might be useful to fight off the virus, or not, who knows?.

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