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Don't you Forget about... Remember that one hit teen movie that came out in the 80's called "The Breakfast Club?" of course you do, and if you have not seen the film .. you most likely have heard about it. The Film was and still to this day , a Hit, a Movie you can watch over and over and never lose any interest.. It's a movie that leaves an everlasting mark on its viewers because it's so relatable to our own lives. We all can relate to the characters stereotypes, their struggles with their academic achievements, relationships with their parents, and social ranking in a High School society. . Fast forward to NOW and what's going on in our lives in the real world beyond High School, during this World-wide Pandemic, We still can still relate to "The Breakfast Club" , Since the world was stricken by the Infamous "Coronavirus" we are forced to social distance ourselves from others , This Social Struggle " continues many having difficulties adjusting this change in their lives. After rewatching "The Breakfast Club " It to was brought to my attention the similar experiences that the 5 highs schoolers

experienced in the film somehow still relates to what we all are experiencing now during COVID-19 Pandemic...

Stereotype of Social Distancing

This film is a self-contained feature about what happens when people are finally able to look outside their own bubbles and embrace the people on the other side. Like for instance,

  • Or the times you dread the drive to work and sit through traffic , you begin to miss your job and miss traffic rush hour t it sucked but at least it put some ease to kill time

  • Those moments you didn't want to get up and even go Probably used your sick hours for laziness rather than actual illness it sucked but at least it put some ease to kill time

  • If you ever complained how crowded certain venues , events, parks were, and hated big crowds. Now our overcrowded world seems a lil Lonely, and Isolated. . With all the Popular attractions , and concerts postponed /cancelled those crowds seemed to suck a lot less now/ (Truly a 1 or 2 person Mosh Pit is just not the same.)

  • Even the Parents who had to get their kid up and take them to school , 5 days of the week , we never really understood what the teachers and other members of the faculty went through with teaching and caring for their children till NOW , since schools shut down and students are left at home at home alllllll day in Homeschool.

  • How valuable all employees are no matter what kind of "basic non expendable ? job they worked , lie the fast food employees, retail grocery, liquor store employees that use to be unappreciated, but Now is known as ESSENTIAL, and couldn't be anymore appreciated

  • So Claire the princess, John the criminal, Brian the Brain, Allison the Basket case, Andrew the athlete all go to the same H.S. but socially distanced themselves from each other because they hung out in different cliques. They underestimated one another and treated and looked upon each other like they were a (deadly virus). DEADLY to their reputation.

  • In the letter Brian wrote "we had to sacrifice a Saturday in the day of detention for whatever it is that we did wrong."

Now we have to sacrifice our daily routine/ scheduled lives which doesn't seem all that appealing .....until the Productive , and Time Consuming lives you once upon a time lived , is taken from you. and time goes a lot slower when the Days lead you to literally Nowhere..

The 5 H.S. students are QUARANTINED, and forced into SELF-ISOLATION

WHEN ADVISED TO Social Distancing , That's at a lenient degree of authority unless it's s over the legal capacity of 10 people, but in the case of being under QUARANTINE is more strict. Being around others i unacceptable, it is not just a "you should" stay away from others. it is a "YOU NEED to stay away from others. So these teens needed to stay away from those they would have most likely been their friends being it's a Saturday so the mall , a party ,or whatever main attraction of their weekend calls for , it strictly not going to happen. and most Teens prefer to be at a Library on the weekend. Being at their School Library is a whole other level of TEEN HELL.. so these teens in away can be said to have been exposed to a deadly virus a virus of living a LIE .So they are in need of a day in quarantine with others who are diagnosed with the same type of Sickness. Unbeknownst to any of them that the TLC they needed and would they themselves be giving to others that day would be a cure/

I the beginning upon each characters attending detention you; can automatically see the how they each put themselves in Isolation, they are in isolation because they are in library with few others they do not know, and convinced by their advisors (friends, peers) to isolate themselves from those "types." As Andrew had said to John Bender that "even if he didn't return to school one day it wouldn't even matter to anyone." OUCH" so they stayed at a safe distance of 6 ft and more from where they decided the location they are most comfortable .This is how serious this stereotype thing is to these kids.Imagine them going through this actual Covid-19 Pandemic ...they would all

turn out to be one of those Toilet Paper hoarders.