The "Fakes " & " Ghosts"



Sad but True Statement You cannot trust Your Friends , Family , Significant Other...No one Unless they really PROVE THEMSELVES, NOT BEING INSTRUCTED to prove it, They just prove it by being “REAL .” Real and with only good intentions,

" Sometimes People need someone to get up in their face and tell them the harsh truth,"

🖤 Final Random Rant to The Fake F***Ks,


You know who you are , and Guess What We Do Too If you have NO GOOD INTENTIONS yet still PRETEND you do, just to convince others that ‘You’re a good Person , You’re a Mature Adult” Blah Blah BULLSHIT.


Convincing yourself first. Most of us couldn’t do it, that’s ★★common sense we have and should use. Or like some I can’t name but here is another “I,M CALLING YOU OUT MOMENT” to that person who still continues to POST on a Daily, Images or MEMES on SOCIAL MEDIA. That are meant TO DECRIBE you as a person who “Cares about what’s is going on the world” with War, Suicide or that you don't unfriend others for their political beliefs because you are a mature “Adult”.

When really in REALITY you unfriend/ and ghost others FOR A LOT LESS , Truth is you have only bad intentions to use others for you OWN benefit.

Therefore YOU really don’t give a shit about anyone, not even a person you know or once known.’ Let alone a complete stranger...An ADULT? YA RIGHT... You DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT others or the terrible things going on in anyone’s life so quit Being Fake and stop Lying to yourself it’s PATHETIC.✌🏼-NEXT!!



~Hey GHOSTERs , You may want to know....~.