The "Fakes " & " Ghosts"



Sad but True Statement You cannot trust Your Friends , Family , Significant Other...No one Unless they really PROVE THEMSELVES, NOT BEING INSTRUCTED to prove it, They just prove it by being “REAL .” Real and with only good intentions,

" Sometimes People need someone to get up in their face and tell them the harsh truth,"

🖤 Final Random Rant to The Fake F***Ks,


You know who you are , and Guess What We Do Too If you have NO GOOD INTENTIONS yet still PRETEND you do, just to convince others that ‘You’re a good Person , You’re a Mature Adult” Blah Blah BULLSHIT.


Convincing yourself first. Most of us couldn’t do it, that’s ★★common sense we have and should use. Or like some I can’t name but here is another “I,M CALLING YOU OUT MOMENT” to that person who still continues to POST on a Daily, Images or MEMES on SOCIAL MEDIA. That are meant TO DECRIBE you as a person who “Cares about what’s is going on the world” with War, Suicide or that you don't unfriend others for their political beliefs because you are a mature “Adult”.

When really in REALITY you unfriend/ and ghost others FOR A LOT LESS , Truth is you have only bad intentions to use others for you OWN benefit.

Therefore YOU really don’t give a shit about anyone, not even a person you know or once known.’ Let alone a complete stranger...An ADULT? YA RIGHT... You DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT others or the terrible things going on in anyone’s life so quit Being Fake and stop Lying to yourself it’s PATHETIC.✌🏼-NEXT!!



~Hey GHOSTERs , You may want to know....~.


⁛⁛You are gonna piss off the wrong person one day, and he or she may come across that link or have already and really put a dent in your Social media life, and even your bank acct. I’m letting you all know NOW, There are ways * ( very Easy) ways to gain full access to Private Accounts I know this for a Fact. I have done a lot of Random web searching . When I was looking for a reflection photo effect generator, and one click here and there ..then I was in A forum linked to another which led me to the “Access.’

💢Wasn't searching for hacks just was led to the Hack/ Web Tool.

I tested it several times myself on the profiles II am still blocked on, and yup it’s scary easy...I will not share the info on what it is but yes there are 2 apps on google play that allow you to view private profiles, on IG not sure about Facebook, As for Facebook there is a Hack loophole, a Non traceable one too , changes bandwidth IP, and VPN , NO PAPER network trail that is easily found apparently. IT ‘S A FREE DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM and it allows access to Facebook account info , all of it...not kidding. So You Ghosts better think twice about who you wanna play your Pointless bullshit magic show trick on. You play...you may have to pay/

Little Bitch Ghoster Slap Memes

🧴Herse a Buffalo Bill ""Mangina" Award stone statue You can anonymously send to someone who has tucked in his penis and is proud like

-The Immature fit throwing males


Or who you want to basically tell them to go Buffalo Bill themselves )Go Fuck Themselves)

The Closure that was Never Given will be Taken, The time to Close the chapter that was left opened!...


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🗯 Ghosting is Normal ?! BONKERS


That It's WRONG , AND WHY ...



CLOSURE, Bust that Bitch ass Ghost

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