Here I Go Again!...


The Amuzement Page is Based on Bands , Musicians ,Music, Concerts , That I Review , and Relive More Content will be added of course as For now I reviewed the Live IG performance by :

  • Gavin Rossdale

  • Lacey Sturm ,

  • DJ Pauly

  • and FilmSteel

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The Amuzement Part Here

~More Randomness ~

i would like to be more involved with my You Tube Page as well so I will be adding my own Videos That I randomly make and edit for sake of killing time, expand my creativity, humor and Just Have FUN!

So Here is my Latest Addition That My Husband Angel and I Did together....

Titled: Mortal Kombat-19

~ Lifelike Quarantine Video Game

Who's the Virus that will be Death by LYSOL! !Muahahahaha


Added a Lil Sparkle to Mss Scorpion Yellow and Black Matte Eyeshadow.

Layered on Yellow and Gold eyeshadow Glitter,

The scorpion outfit I put together from a dre I found at the dollar store and cut it up. even the black cover around my head is from an old black cut up shirt.


Youesz Truly M