ADULTEEN-Peak of Immaturity


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🚫 Alright To Those So Called

‘Ladies and Gentlemen”

I'm calling All you “BITCHESZ” OUT and If I offend you , Aw… Well maybe you need to be offended… I dealt with it , I Done it ,I Seen it , and I saw enough and I dealt with Enough of It…. “It” being A BULLY, I had to learn so many things about myself the Hard Way , I had to become more aware of Others Intentions...which most of the time were nowhere near any good, The BULLYING doesn't Stop once school is finished .shame on the Immature Adults For that. It is something that still goes on pretty much EVERYWHERE and at ANY AGE. I was told by my mother when I was Younger and dealing with Bullies at school that I had Blogged about in The Beginning of November

titled :“SAD BUT TRUE”, That eventually we grow up and we mature. Well that may have been true once upon a time , but not in my time and I don’t see it ever going away anytime soon.

Now Excuse me if that last statement seemed too negative, and because of that statement you may think I’m just a negative person, We’ll I’m not a negative person; I’m more hopeful than anything and there is a difference.

In all Honesty I hope I am Wrong about this, but I haven’t been wrong on a lot of things that I wanted to be wrong about.;

I will explain more about that later on . I only say the Future is not looking any better because of these so called “Adults” today who are not only Older but More Responsible for setting an example for the next generation. Many of the so called “Adults” are now or will be parents, are just another being on this planet putting on an ACT, Many others are completely in denial of this Act and how disreputable they really are to being considered an ADULT.

The  Examples I have been  seeing  on Social Media , at work  other public places  even in the bloodline  of Family, Is QUESTIONABLE. 
We Just all really Need to Grow the F-Up!, We completely have lost track of our lives …lost direction on Growth , It’s like no matter what changed in our lives …we never did. Since I had finally not only Decided to  make some personal changes, I took the initiative and began to take back more control of my life and feelings, and thoughts. I began to pay attention and Damnit now I know why I preferred to be drunk or high most of the time, the world today is Fucked because of how People” Adults” are completely responsible for the Chaos and Demise of our planet and the lives that live on it
The Purposes and Privilege's  Of Social Media has been Abused , Well Actually it has been used to Verbally. Mentally , and Emotionally Abuse Others   well The "Block " button should handle that problem right?  Only If needed to be used against 1 or  2 accounts, BUT there are always fake accounts , temporary e-mail addresses, and anonymous messages that can be sent in FB Messenger, IG DM'S And even direct Cell Phone text message , even temporary fake numbers can be made.  Now to think that an adult would go through so ,much trouble to harass and bully  someone. Even if that someone is  underage.  Unfortunately this does happen and has lead to a tragic End to a young life.