Impulsive Disorder...

As the news worsens, the virus rapidly spreads and thousands of California residents remain Homebound waiting for some good news to come. While thousands are left with no choice but to stay home, and very few others have the choice to continue working at their jobs.

\Medical Staff, Doctors, Surgeons, Paramedics, etc. are high demand of course; due to this health crisis. Retail Grocery Store employees that work long hours to keep our shelves stocked up as much as possible with groceries, and other necessary products for our health, personal hygiene, and cleaning/disinfectants; which is very important for everyone to have during this pandemic. Restaurant employees but only a few drive-thrus, and restaurants that have deliveries, and take-out options. Others like myself are fortunate to still be working, even though it's not highly encouraged Since a job like mine is not considered essential.

The Company I work for still follows the protocol of social distancing. There is no human contact, safe distance apart from each other, but there is an exchange of money and dispensed parking garage tickets that put us and others at risk of contracting the virus. We prepare and protect ourselves in every way we can using Gloves, Clorox disinfected wipes, Lysol spray, Hand sanitizer, and access to running water and soap dispenser in the Employees restroom. All employees are expected to follow the guidelines to keep ourselves and others safe from the virus. Even with all the needed supplies and very little customer interactions, I have an uneasy feeling that sticks with me during my entire shifts.

Once this Corona Virus made its way to The U.S I became slightly OCD, and now that it spread all over the U.S. including California and many cites of the state, my OCD had worsened. I have gone to EXTREME measures to disinfect my surroundings and keep myself germ-free. It is very important I stay safe from catching COVID-19 and be as healthy as I possibly can.

This Virus is deadly, usually for those who are older age

  • 55 and up

  • Those who have other medical issues

  • Those who have a feeble immune system

My Dad is all of the above. This Virus would end his life, I refuse to be the one that would pass this on to him . my chance of defeating the virus is very slim as well. I have severe asthma, and this virus can lead up to pneumonia, and damage to the lungs, so my chances of survival don't look very good either. So my way of cleaning and protecting myself can seem a bit ......EXCESSIVE.

My Excessive Steps to Avoid catching Covid-19

  1. Wipe down the surrounding surfaces, doorknob, pens, markers, stapler, computer mouse/screen, keyboard, etc. (!!!one direction only!!!!)

  2. Go to the bathroom and wash gloves with soap and water (30 seconds) dry off gloves and sanitize the gloves with hand sanitizer until dries4

  3. NEVER TOUCH YOU FACE, make sure tissues or paper towels are nearby for you to grab and touch your face with instead, even when you have gloves on.

  4. After any interaction with another person (anything that exchanged to you) like money, documents, pen, etc wipe gloves, and anything touched with gloves down with disinfecting product. *one direction*

  5. When taking gloves off from pulling the fingers until gloves are removed (Not inside out in case you need to use again) **NOTE*** don't touch another glove with bare skin* Use a napkin/paper towel to pull off from the remaining hand.

  6. Wash hands with soap and warm/hot water 1min. or more (play a song from your phone that makes the washing more effective and enjoyable.

Not only do I want to avoid getting the virus, but I also want to do my part

to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • So I make sure to always disinfect the surroundings thoroughly before and after, so I wouldn't possibly leave any germs that another can person become exposed to.

  • I leave my gloves on after I disinfect them of course, with Clorox wipes, soap, and water (wash 30 seconds) and hand sanitizer.

  • Once I get home I disinfect any doorknobs I had touched/

  • Then take gloves off inside out into a bag, wash hands for up to 1 min. , dry, and put hand sanitizer.

  • Every doorknob light switch, sink knob is sprayed with Lysol and wiped with Clorox even the toilet flush handle (never know what germs may be on that)-

  • After all That I still would wash my hands one more time with soap and hot /warm water

( 30 secs.)

EXCESSIVE.....I told you...This Corona Virus fucked me up ... I do not enjoy doing all this but I feel that is best for my own and other's safety. You know what though? even Excessive can be fun.

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