My Own Closure From A GHoster....

If you want CLOSURE WHICH YOU DESERVE TYO HAVE , BECAUSE YOU'RE A HUMAN BEING AND WHAT THEY DONE TO YOU AFFECTED YOU IN SOME WAY SO CONFRONT THEM.... but randomly … like give it up to a month most likely you'll be over it by then. They will think the same , But you are not .. .Here are some ways to get your Closure that's Legal, and somewhat mature Either way you will get the last say and last laugh.


From These Websites that will send Anonymous Messages and gifts to their Home Address Get the Last laugh On The Ghosts PUNK ASS!


Anonymous Text Them Online and Send SPOOF TEXT ONLINE

◼Anonymous Prank call On Prank

◼Let the MASTERS of REVENGE Prank Call your Ghoster they will say ANYTHING ,THERE WILL BE NO TRACE EITHER, and they will even record the conversation for you

Open New Acct . On IG AND use it as Storage for images, graphics, memes, quotes, whatever.. and Now Give it a Few Months Maybe even Years Until they won't/. expect it being a message from you. Use that storage acct. to DM THEM , IF THE DM has not yet been read...then resend your Dm every month until it is shown to be read , i know it sounds like a pain in the ass but , You need closure and you will keep at it until you get it. Make your DM , CLOSURE LETTER TO THE GHOSTER AS NICE AS POSSIBLE, BUT ALSO STERN LIKE A POLITE "FUCK YOU. "

 Hey I'm taking back my right  to respond to your decision you felt you had to make for us both , without my involvement, Now I don't understand how you could be scared of me , You showed no fear in person , but behind the screen you ran and hid from me , I'm sorry you are scared of women  but ''m not of scared of you .and it's best you know u really should work on your communication skills  and Honesty stop lowering yourself.  You have revealed the real you and your true intentions through your actions and I would like to show my Sincere gratitude for not wasting anymore of my time , on someone who is so anti social and timid offscreen than on Screen, It seems a bit …,Boring and Fake
and I can't do boring and I don't want to bother with anymore fakeness,  
 But best of luck to you
take care and  Goodbye

◼Send Anonymous E-mail from Proton Mail , and

make The e-mail Something Eye catching like a Friends name of theirs yo know of and subject that seems harmless enough to want to Read.

◼Close Rate Their reputation , on , you can rate them as a date or friend and fill in a comment, Be honest as you can without sounding Pressed or Hurt , Put it out there like "If you can't be an honest person than I wil be anyone who looks you up should know how you arel.."

Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost BITCH

😞Is IT EVEN WORTH THE Trouble to get closure from a Douche Ghosting Bitch? That's a No From Those like Me , Who tend to laugh at the ghoster , and roll our eyes , and move on with life. Which very soon after, become a lot better without them plaguing our lives more. You Ghosters need to realize your not a loss, If anything when you pull bullshit like this Ghosting thing, we prefer you remove yourself from our lives anyways.

Let me make it simple for you


💬For Them Ghosting Bitches, as they carry on with their pathetic "So -called life," nothing really changes I found out . Personally I ALWAYS get random Updates from others who are acquainted with my Ghosters, I don't even ask. They just throw these updated Ghoster life facts out there and will inform me that they are Fucking Up their life ,bring me up or react when my name is brought up Like, WOW!.. STILL? Just my name gets a reaction from them??? Their names never get one from me, that's how less of a Shit I Give. Or I took the initiative to take one or more of the above steps and that is how I conquered the ghosting game. I would even sometimes randomly see them on a Story on my Friends Instagram and see how much older they look (Grey Hairs) Heavier ( Live a lot more unhealthy lifestyles) or nothing has changed at all , they are looking and doing the same shit they did last I seen or talk to them. So there is no Growth, No Better, No Interest from others...Still single still live with Parents , Still Giving me some Power to have an affect on them HAHA! Joke Is Right back on you Bitches, that was easy Enough. !!!NEXT!!! I'm Not Being Judgmental I'm simply pointing our the obvious , That how karma works ,

She's pretty obvious, and She is determined.

To the Lady and Gent Ghosties



◽ Their actions should have way more negative LONG TERM impact than it ever Should On you They are the Sissy lala He Bitches or Regular Bitches that are afraid to tell the truth to a woman/man. They literally degrade themselves and that is on Them not you.🤦🏼‍♀️👍🏼

◽If you truly know that you had done something wrong and that's why Your ghosted. Take the Responsibility for your own wrong doings so that way you are THE BIGGER, Better, & MORE MATURE PERSON. Not to leave out that you are setting a Good example which is a lot more useful than their Bad one. Right away everyone( including the ghoster )see how you already have outshined. Now give yourself the credit of CLOSURE. Even if they decide to not forgive you, It shouldn't matter you did the right thing and they didn't be Proud of yourself and WALK ON!👍🏼

FORGIVE THEM for hurting your feeling or For wasting your time, It's best not to carry the weight of Sadness or a grudge.👸🏼

TRUE STORY HERE: Sometimes someone will warn me about My ghoster showing up to an event that I'm attending I would always respond :

"Hey I'm not the one that Blocked him , He blocked me. He has the problem not me, so maybe it's best you warn him, God Forbid I would Ruin anyone's Day or Experience Hahahaha!


The Only Acceptable Ghosts That Wander this earth are The DEAD!!!

Here are a Few Captures i CAUGHT on the Live Webcam

Crazy Actions from Orbs a few Nights ago, all Night

@DDDavids Ghost cams


THE FINALE :My Ghost Story May It R.I.P.


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