Sad But TRUE....Brutal 7 YEARS


Very Sensitive and yet Important Topic to discuss, this is very difficult for me to Put out to the public because of a situation that could have had a deadly end to many lives , even mine. Even more Nervous for those who may end up reading this and find out that they were close to never living the life they live now . I apologize to those that may find this disturbing but it is the truth . It's the truth about what damage is done by being bullied, harassed, falsely judged and Humiliated by Bullies.

I have been bullied in school for 7 YEARS and Sad to say that the bullying has not entirely been put to rest ... I still get mistreated, harshly criticized and judged as a person that I am not, Belittled and shunned from others for reasons that are unknown. Besides all that I began to understand more and more about my experiences, and how I somehow made it through without hurting myself or others. UNFORTUNATELY others cannot saY THE SAME. There have been Kids who Have not only Killed others in school shootings, but in most cases lately these kids have killed themselves very young . as young as 9 years old So Heartbreaking.💔

I believe as adults we should do better , by being better. because I seen on a daily basis on social media; many adults who are parents partake in cyber bullying As parents and just as adults in general should be setting a better example for the children , because most cases kids grow up to be a way they were raised and from what they learned from adults they been around the most.