Sid and Nancy Fairy-Tale

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This Month is very Important, and a very Emotional trigger for me, Starting August 11th will be m y husband Angel, and mine 3rd year Wedding Anniversary,, That's 3 years married and about 17 years since we knew each other. There is ONE THING I have definitely learned since I been Married, I learned that no matter how long you know someone, or how much you think you do…. You really don’t at least not until “ after the " I do."

❤ Now I'm married to one of the “Perfect Candidates:” for a husband, for me perfect is the Bad Boy Image (rebel/ Punk rocker type) but also really sensitive and thinks more with his mind and not his Dick. That is what stood out to me the most about my husband Angel, That is before I agreed to Love, Honor, and Obey, soon after marriage turns that Blissful Day that every girl dreams about into a a raging Nightmare that You cannot wake up from . Bunch of “I disagree so Fuck You!” Now I am vowed to hate that I Love you, Honor the everlasting Punishment we put each other through, and Obey the Law enough not to actually pull a Sid Vicious on YOU -. XoXo-

Rock And Roll Fairy Tale

🖤 Once Upon a Time, there was A Princess and a Punker they met at their High school ,had an immediate connection, became pretty much insuperable and soon after Fell In Love. Since that time had passed by, the Punker and the Princess became a Mr. and a Mrs. and they lived….:Hopefully ever after. how Romantic is that?. So we somehow reached another Year of Marriage and w I say that because it has been pretty Fucked. I say that because Angel and I always seem to be that couple that still goes through same Repeated Problem and the timing is set to "RANDOM"." Yet again leading us down the same pathway to hell never manage to ever make it out, or stay out . It may sound like I am complaining and/or that I am unhappy but I am going to be straight up I am actually comfortable, and I believe my Marriage in more than acceptable, That;s because it ain't Boring, If it was boring it would be OVER.

This is my Rock-N- Roll Fairy tale, a relationship linked to Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll lifestyle the wild party girl , an The Punk Rock liberty spiky haired Bassist are destined for all this Shenanigans .The Drugs, The alcohol, the Abuse and the love that never Dies nor our devotion towards one another Overall, It’s pretty much a Sid and Nancy Love Story.

Brief Sid and Nancy Inrto Punk Muzik Video

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Here’s a Little Punk rock History for some of you  who have non or lil' Idea  of who Sid and Nancy are.  Sid Vicious was the bass player for punk band from the U.K. called The "Sex Pistols"  (Anarchy in the U.K,  God Save The Queen)the band had just been signed and about to  start off their tour to the United States. Nancy Spungen was well known as a Groupie/Junkie from the U.S.  Behind her back many band members and other  that wee either supposedly "Friends"   called her Nauseating Nancy, because of her constant whining and complaining and overall sound  of her voice 
	Sid and Nancy both met in London, hit it off ,  engaged in  Intercourse (Sid's first time) shortly later moved in together.  Things quickly began to spiral out of control when Sid and Nancy started  a drug induced relationship that led to  Physical Abuse, Self Mutilation and  Murder.. October 12, 1978, Nancy Spungen was found dead in  the bathroom  of Room #100  at the Chelsea Hotel in NY , where both Sid and Nancy had resided . Nancy had bled to death by a single stab wound in the abdomen  the only one accused of Nancy’s death was Sid Vicious, who was  incoherent and could not  recall if he was the one who stabbed her or not. He was then put behind  bars for 7 weeks,  where he was beaten, and raped by inmates in jail .After his release from jail On February 2nd Sid Vicious had died of a Heroin Overdose.  4 months after Nancy’s death. Nancy was 20 years old , and Sid 1 ye 21 years old when they died.

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📽The Film Sid and Nancy (1986) is brilliant, The Cast, (Gary Oldman)