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With all that's been going on in the World this year, with The Covid-19 Pandemic, the Protests, Rioting, Looting, Conspiracies leading up to "Martial Law; IT'S SO UNREAL.. As Unreal as a Flying Saucer from outer space flown by big headed green Martians, As unreal as Adterlife Spirits that roam the earth and Haunt the living, as Unreal as The existence of Heaven and Hell. What if the "UNREAL" is actually the REAL DEAL,? There are a few websites that can show proof , and let others such as YOURSELF be able to experience the "Unreal " as well.. Of course others have shared some personal experiences in stories, Reality T..V. Shows etc. and those easily can be portrayed as being over exaggerated or fake to those who don't believe it because they never seen /experienced any of it themselves. Myself personally, I'm a believer of the Paranormal, I have had numerous experiences with Hauntings and UFO' sightings. It became a Hobby to have hunt them down myself, Well Online at least. We should seriously stop hunting down ways to destroy others lives and just Hunt down Ghosts and Aliens.




 My Interest in Ghost grew In my my early Teen Years,  after my Mom took me to The Queen Mary one year. There was the plaques posted on the wall in some certain areas of the ship that told the story of a spirit that has been seen, felt, heard, who the spirit is believed to be and how they perished on the ship.  I underwent 2 experiences  in  the Lower Deck area and in the  Captain's Quarters that my Mother and myself could not explain besides, 
  it has to be a "SPIRIT."  
 So I grew curious started searching the web and by accident came across the LIVE CAM of the 1rst class pool that was streaming  from the Queen Mary.. Began watching didn't see anything and grew bored but the cam was being streamed by USTREAM and that  is where many more LIVE GHOST CAMS were broadcasted from different haunted places from all over the world.  
     USTREAM had many LIVE  GHOST CAMS that kept me  HUNTING for many many hours of the night and I would alternate watching different Cams that broadcasted from different websites 4 to 5 times a week and for 2 to 3 years straight. I became addicted and fascinated with some of the sightings I had.  personally caught. Some of the most Active and frequent Ghost sightings were  from the following sites::


    I BELIEVE THIS LIVE CAM WAS STREAMED FROM SOMEONE'S PERSONAL HOME,  I would frequently spot ORBS and it was always a thrill to see  this kind of activity. I even  Screenshot some of my  Orb captures and  emailed to the Host who had posted my Images and Video clip on The Paranormal Search team website! I felt  and still feel so accomplished  and appreciated for putting in all the long hours on watch...I am unsure if they are still active on there duties as Paranormal investigators. Since Ustream has stopped running I have not come across anymore of their streams but the site is still up and My Images and Video clip is still posted .



 The Willard Library does not have a LIVE Video  Stream or Microphone sound  but it does have a webcam that takes pictures every 10 seconds  in 4 areas of the Library that have the most LIVE ghost captures on Cam. I have  spotted a few of the many Ghost that haunt the Library myself  this was the site I captured my first  SHADOW PERSON   that I spotted over 10 years ago. During  a daytime viewing , a Shadow person that was closely behind a woman who was in the library at the time .. by the time the Camera refreshed the figure was gone. The woman seemed unaware of anything being around her at the time  since she wa still looking down at her book My Capture was submitted to the Moderator of the Website and posted  it on the TOP CAPTURES GALLERY they have with 100's of others submitted sightings.
I still visit the site frequently and spot a few of the MANY ghost that haunt the Library . This is my most recent spotting (Images Posted Below) of this young boy who FREQUENTLY hangs around the the Staircase ...  You could partake in the Ghost Hunt by visiting  Willard Library Ghost Cams.... Happy Hunting!



Orb spotted on june 1, 2020 (outdoor spirit cam)

This site has
18 LIVE webcams
throughout basically every room  of this Old House and even have Cams set up outside the very haunted home.  Throughout many years I have ghost hunted on this site and came across a few sightings.  The one the stood out most was a small dark figure that appeared in one of the 2nd floor bedrooms was VERY QUICK GLIMPSE. The Figure went on the Bed and left the room it was unexpected so I was unprepared amd never captured it on screenshot ..nor the orbs that would flash on cam and quickly disappear but 2 days ago this Orb spotted on one of  the outside cams floating gracefully around for a long time.. As if it knew the cam was there and wanted the watchers to know that there is a presence 'HELLO!!"


👻 4. Haunted Police Station in the UK

In Accrington, UK ,  There is a Haunted 👮‍♀️Police Court and Cells  that have  LIVE 24/7 WEB & SECURITY  Cams set up and a Mic. for those at home Ghost Hunters that may most likely catch a glimpse of the ghosts that haunts that station and hear some some unexplainable sounds.  👀 The Cams and Mic. are streamed on the Official Most haunted Experience YouTube Channel.

 I have seen and heard a lot  of activity there since I started watching, There are Orbs in different forms, I hearD Whispering Footsteps, Banging and Knocks ..
Here is a screen recordimg 
 I caught just Today (6/4/20) You can see the orbs , Camera Interferences, Static mic.boost and during the the mark of (2:15)  you will see a bright light anomaly  that shoots upwards...If you decide to watch the live cam you will see things like this .  Below is the Live Stream from  their  YouTube channel which is also linked . Happy Hunting!

Watch the Live Stream

Subscribe to their Youtube Channel

 If you Decide to give the Whole Online ghost hunting a try,  I can give you a few suggestions:
 1. KNOW THE TIMES ZONES: These cams are live and there can be a huge time difference from their location and yours. 
 2.LATE NIGHT HOURS ARE THE MOST ACTIVE: It's rare to catch much Activity during the daytime plus it's easier to avoid confusions. like you may think you see a lot of Orbs but  during the Daytime the world is very busy a lot of movement so dust particles can look like small orbs on Cam. Or you may have heard  a "Growl": bu really could be a car engine outside.
 3, BE PATIENT AND REALISTIC: You are not always going to catch any activity. there has been times I would watch a LIVE CAM  for hours and hours and NOTHING will happens. REALISTICALLY you wont see objects flying in the air or hear voices or see anything that Demonic looking or full on Clear Apparitions like the movies  and Ghost hunting T.V. shows  make it out to be like . To be honest it can be like watching PAINT DRY at times.  Don't get me wrong things do happen but it's rare
 I have caught a few 
 -Shadows, and Apparitions,
 -Heard A Woman Singing once, watching a Haunted Artist Live Cam (No longer streaming) 
 -Heard a little girl's Voice that said 'Hi" after a bright orb entered one of the rooms at the KnickerBocker Hotel on their Live Webcam.
 -Even saw a Doll Fall Over after a light came out from behind it. 
  So There you see you can catch a glimpse of a few Exciting things.
4.Have a good pair of headphones. Some cams have a Microphone set up so always have a good pair of headphones plugged in and make sure you are in a quiet place so you don't  miss out on Messages, or sounds from the other side. 

5.SCREENSHOT AND SCREEN RECORD YOUR EVIDENCE: Show off you ghost pix  or Videos to your friends, you now have something they don't  Real Proof of the Paranormal (Neener Neener Neeeeener) Plus some Website Moderators or Person who owns the haunted Property would like to get some insight on the activity that is going on that they may not be aware of. So You Can show them  by sending  the Screenshot / Recording via Email or post to their Social Media page. That's usually the purpose of these cams for Proof and Evidence and Others getting involved on the hunt make it much easier to collect all that.

I have not only experienced the Paranormal Online, I have also had numerous REAL LIFE

experiences with

  • Demonic Entity Attacks at the Apt. I used to live in located in Santa An, Ca.

  • Queen Mary in Long Beach , Ca -Some Hauntings activity of Sounds and Movement.

  • Whaley House Museum in San Diego CA.- PHYSICAL Manipulation, and Sound

  • Orange High School in Orange , Ca.- POLTERGEIST Activity

  • Apparitions of deceased Family Members

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👽 I've had Unexplainable UFO encounters TWICE in my Life., both UFO ENCOUNTERS happened in Orange, Ca.

  • ONCE when I was on Summer break in Jr. High I was about to be an 8th Grader it was almost MIDNIGHT I was still awake watching T.V. laying on the couch with the Kitchen Light on.

  • The T..V. went STATIC the KItchen Light Switched Off .

  • The whole room was brightly lit up with GREENISH AND BLUEISH lights that Twinkled

  • Then a still and VERY BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT that lit up the entire Living room and Kitchen

  • The lights came directly from the window, the couch I was laying on was placed. under.

  • The experience was quick no longer than 10 seconds. then quickly the Light just Disappeared and the T.v went back to normal and Kichen light was back on.

  • There was NO Sound during the entire experience except for the T.V static.


  • 2011 Around 5:00 pm I took out the trash , My Mom who just returned home from the store was out of her standing in the street next to her parked Vehicle looking up at the sky and said "SARAH WHATS THAT?"

  • A SMALL but very BRIGHT light far up in the sky was pulsing and hovering in one spot . then suddenly zoomed very quickly to the left , and did a zig zag motion and light started to twinkle.

  • I screamed for my best friend Becky ( BIG SKEPTIC) to come outside she ran out frantic thinking there was an emergency

  • I pointed up and said "LOOK UFO!!" as she was about to start arguing with me that it was not a UFO but instead she suddenly paused in the middle of her sentence because the LIGHT vanished and quickly reappeared in another section of the sky

  • For 5 mins the LIGHT in the sky behaved in zig zag movement , Light changing from twinkle to steady disappear and reappear in different areas of the sky.

  • Finally went away when the light turned even BRIGHTER and quickly flew further up into the sky and disappeared !

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