The Unreal -UFO's, Ghosts,, & 2020....

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With all that's been going on in the World this year, with The Covid-19 Pandemic, the Protests, Rioting, Looting, Conspiracies leading up to "Martial Law; IT'S SO UNREAL.. As Unreal as a Flying Saucer from outer space flown by big headed green Martians, As unreal as Adterlife Spirits that roam the earth and Haunt the living, as Unreal as The existence of Heaven and Hell. What if the "UNREAL" is actually the REAL DEAL,? There are a few websites that can show proof , and let others such as YOURSELF be able to experience the "Unreal " as well.. Of course others have shared some personal experiences in stories, Reality T..V. Shows etc. and those easily can be portrayed as being over exaggerated or fake to those who don't believe it because they never seen /experienced any of it themselves. Myself personally, I'm a believer of the Paranormal, I have had numerous experiences with Hauntings and UFO' sightings. It became a Hobby to have hunt them down myself, Well Online at least. We should seriously stop hunting down ways to destroy others lives and just Hunt down Ghosts and Aliens.




 My Interest in Ghost grew In my my early Teen Years,  after my Mom took me to The Queen Mary one year. There was the plaques posted on the wall in some certain areas of the ship that told the story of a spirit that has been seen, felt, heard, who the spirit is believed to be and how they perished on the ship.  I underwent 2 experiences  in  the Lower Deck area and in the  Captain's Quarters that my Mother and myself could not explain besides, 
  it has to be a "SPIRIT."  
 So I grew curious started searching the web and by accident came across the LIVE CAM of the 1rst class pool that was streaming  from the Queen Mary.. Began watching didn't see anything and grew bored but the cam was being streamed by USTREAM and that  is where many more LIVE GHOST CAMS were broadcasted from different haunted places from all over the world.  
     USTREAM had many LIVE  GHOST CAMS that kept me  HUNTING for many many hours of the night and I would alternate watching different Cams that broadcasted from different websites 4 to 5 times a week and for 2 to 3 years straight. I became addicted and fascinated with some of the sightings I had.  personally caught. Some of the most Active and frequent Ghost sightings were  from the following sites::


    I BELIEVE THIS LIVE CAM WAS STREAMED FROM SOMEONE'S PERSONAL HOME,  I would frequently spot ORBS and it was always a thrill to see  this kind of activity. I even  Screenshot some of my  Orb captures and  emailed to the Host who had posted my Images and Video clip on The Paranormal Search team website! I felt  and still feel so accomplished  and appreciated for putting in all the long hours on watch...I am unsure if they are still active on there duties as Paranormal investigators. Since Ustream has stopped running I have not come across anymore of their streams but the site is still up and My Images and Video clip is still posted .



 The Willard Library does not have a LIVE Video  Stream or Microphone sound  but it does have a webcam that takes pictures every 10 seconds  in 4 areas of the Library that have the most LIVE ghost captures on Cam. I have  spotted a few of the many Ghost that haunt the Library myself  this was the site I captured my first  SHADOW PERSON   that I spotted over 10 years ago. During  a daytime viewing ,</