Truy Ghost Stories, BOO YA!

"FALFIE " & Yoursz Truly👹

😈"The Demon and I

    This  is  going to be brief because it's a bit uneasy to  have to talk about but this is something that I had experienced  very young I about 7 or 8 years old. My Mom, Dad and I lived in an Apartment that is located in Santa Ana, California. As an Only Child and with My Mom and Dad always working I guess you can say I was lonely, I cannot give explanations on How FALFIE came about ,I only remember small fragments.  Thought about it and researched enough to know that Falfie was most likely a DEMONIc Entity. This Memory will foerver Haunt me for the rest of my life.

- Physical Description:

  • VERY TALL , VERY DARK BLACK , FURRY, LONG FINGERS s and LONG CLAWS , Round small yellowish white Eyes.


  • Falfie Hurt me 2 times, One Time I tried to hug it and it shoved me down on my bed so hard i bounced off and landed on the floor and started to cry..

  • The 2nd time I was thrown across the Room in my closet my Mom and Dad was awoken and my mom immediately came to my AID.

  • I refused to sleep in my room again. I remember I did tell my mom that Falfie hurt me she asked me who Falfie was . My Mom is a Traditional Catholic and has had an experience herself having to do with a Demonic Entity. so She Believed me and Let me sleep in the room with her and my Dad.

  • My Dad did not believe me he said I was having a nightmare, and did not like me sleeping in their bed Every night , but my Mom always fought him on it, and he would end up sleeping on the couch.

Last Encounter with FALFIE

  • The last TIME i I remember having to ever see FALFIE again, was when my Cousin came over we were both playing in the living room and I ran in to my room to grab another Barbie Doll. IMmediately upon entering my bedroom there was a GROWL and on the Right side of my bed which was against the wall "Falfie's" Hand (LONG FINGERS AND LONG BLACK CLAWS) came wiggling out.

  • Under the bed I saw the white round glowing Eyes looking right at me. I screamed and ran out crying and clinged on to my mom the rest of the day.

The Nickname Given

- I remember why I Named "IT" FALFIE and why I trusted it to be A friend, because It looked a lot like a Taller version of '"ALF'." A Puppet Character from my favorite T.V showwho was furry alien wiseguy . (IMAGE ON THE RIGHT)

🚢The Queen Mary

I personally have no Doubts at all that the The Queen Mary is Haunted. I have had Numerous experiences during 2 visits once as a young teen, and again in my early 30's. Hundreds of others have had many experiences of their own, and the ship has had been investigated for decades by Psychics, and by professional and well known Ghost Hunters. There have been plenty of Evidence that prove there are indeed Spirits that haunt the ship there is many Evps, Photos and Videos like the ones posted on


Visiting the ship with my Mom👩‍👧

  • FIRST incident took place in the Captain's Quarters we read that there was a captain who loved smoking Cigars and His apparition has been seen by crew members and visitors, and can often smell a Cigar. Well before we read this or knew anything about this Cigar ordeal we smelt it, briefly seconds after entering the room and looking around. I always hate the smell of cigars and it gave me a headache so that how I noticed the smell in the first place. We came up on the story and began reading it , we heard a squeaky slow sound as we were reading , after we were like"OMG we both realized that we smelled a Cigar like stench and began to talk about it, I turned around and noticed a cabinet door was wide open, that Cabinet door had opened by itself and there was no wind that could enter the room and noone was nearby....

  • 2nd Activity In the Boiler Room apparently there was a crew mate that was crushed by a steel door, has been seen , greasy handprints had mysteriously appeared and disappeared, and would bang on pipes. well my mom and I went back down the the lower deck and decided to lurk around once more, the ship was mins away from closing , so we were down there by ourselves, and as I was playfully hopping down the stairs next to me like not even a FOOT away there