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"FALFIE " & Yoursz Truly👹

😈"The Demon and I

    This  is  going to be brief because it's a bit uneasy to  have to talk about but this is something that I had experienced  very young I about 7 or 8 years old. My Mom, Dad and I lived in an Apartment that is located in Santa Ana, California. As an Only Child and with My Mom and Dad always working I guess you can say I was lonely, I cannot give explanations on How FALFIE came about ,I only remember small fragments.  Thought about it and researched enough to know that Falfie was most likely a DEMONIc Entity. This Memory will foerver Haunt me for the rest of my life.

- Physical Description:

  • VERY TALL , VERY DARK BLACK , FURRY, LONG FINGERS s and LONG CLAWS , Round small yellowish white Eyes.


  • Falfie Hurt me 2 times, One Time I tried to hug it and it shoved me down on my bed so hard i bounced off and landed on the floor and started to cry..

  • The 2nd time I was thrown across the Room in my closet my Mom and Dad was awoken and my mom immediately came to my AID.

  • I refused to sleep in my room again. I remember I did tell my mom that Falfie hurt me she asked me who Falfie was . My Mom is a Traditional Catholic and has had an experience herself having to do with a Demonic Entity. so She Believed me and Let me sleep in the room with her and my Dad.

  • My Dad did not believe me he said I was having a nightmare, and did not like me sleeping in their bed Every night , but my Mom always fought him on it, and he would end up sleeping on the couch.

Last Encounter with FALFIE

  • The last TIME i I remember having to ever see FALFIE again, was when my Cousin came over we were both playing in the living room and I ran in to my room to grab another Barbie Doll. IMmediately upon entering my bedroom there was a GROWL and on the Right side of my bed which was against the wall "Falfie's" Hand (LONG FINGERS AND LONG BLACK CLAWS) came wiggling out.

  • Under the bed I saw the white round glowing Eyes looking right at me. I screamed and ran out crying and clinged on to my mom the rest of the day.

The Nickname Given

- I remember why I Named "IT" FALFIE and why I trusted it to be A friend, because It looked a lot like a Taller version of '"ALF'." A Puppet Character from my favorite T.V showwho was furry alien wiseguy . (IMAGE ON THE RIGHT)

🚢The Queen Mary

I personally have no Doubts at all that the The Queen Mary is Haunted. I have had Numerous experiences during 2 visits once as a young teen, and again in my early 30's. Hundreds of others have had many experiences of their own, and the ship has had been investigated for decades by Psychics, and by professional and well known Ghost Hunters. There have been plenty of Evidence that prove there are indeed Spirits that haunt the ship there is many Evps, Photos and Videos like the ones posted on


Visiting the ship with my Mom👩‍👧

  • FIRST incident took place in the Captain's Quarters we read that there was a captain who loved smoking Cigars and His apparition has been seen by crew members and visitors, and can often smell a Cigar. Well before we read this or knew anything about this Cigar ordeal we smelt it, briefly seconds after entering the room and looking around. I always hate the smell of cigars and it gave me a headache so that how I noticed the smell in the first place. We came up on the story and began reading it , we heard a squeaky slow sound as we were reading , after we were like"OMG we both realized that we smelled a Cigar like stench and began to talk about it, I turned around and noticed a cabinet door was wide open, that Cabinet door had opened by itself and there was no wind that could enter the room and noone was nearby....

  • 2nd Activity In the Boiler Room apparently there was a crew mate that was crushed by a steel door, has been seen , greasy handprints had mysteriously appeared and disappeared, and would bang on pipes. well my mom and I went back down the the lower deck and decided to lurk around once more, the ship was mins away from closing , so we were down there by ourselves, and as I was playfully hopping down the stairs next to me like not even a FOOT away there was a LOUD BANGING on a pipe I freaked out and ran back up stairs leaving my mom down there by herself...


MY HUSBAND ANGEL AND I went to spend the night at the Queen Mary FOR MY 33RD B-DAY . When I booked the Room I asked the employee if she could book me to stay in the room that has a lot of Paranormal Activity, She asked me if I was sure if that's what I wanted I responded "HELL YES!!" s Two unexplainable things took place that night...

1. The First Class Pool

  • 👻The Queen Mary Offers different tours of the ship, the most popular one is The Ghost Tour where they take you to different areas of the ship that has the most Activity and Talk about the hauntings and who is believed to be the spirit that is Haunting that area. We first were taken to The First Class Pool which is closed off except for those on the tour, A little Girl spirit who may have drowned in the pool OR other cause of death which is still UNKNOWN haunts that area , and would leave wet foot Print, touch visitors , calls them "Mommy" and plays peek a boo. Angel and I hid from the group so we could stay behind in the pool area and wonder around looking for a Haunting experience. We went to the changing room area and it was pitch black, as we were exiting the dressing room we heard a bang as if one of the dressing room doors had closed and heard a child like voice. We weren't sure what exactly was said or stuck around much longer, because we had no catch up with the group but I am more than convinced it was that little girl.👧

2 . The Haunted Room on the 2nd Floor

  • 👻The Room we spent the night in was not occupied most of the Day because we were doing activities on the Ship, and went and ate a nice BIRTHDAY dinner, and hung out at the Bar most of the night. But we went to the room and fell asleep.. Hours later, I was awoken with an urge to pee, and I remember once I opened my eyes I heard Footsteps heavy footsteps walking back and forth from the foot of the bed we were sleeping in. The footsteps sounded as if someone was wearing Combat Boots that soldiers wear. and it was slowly pacing back and forth around the bed for a a good 3-4 Mins. I didn't see anything but I definitely know what I was hearing Angel was dead asleep and I kept trying to whisper him awake but no luck. Even though I had to pee so bad I was still a little nervous to leave the bed. So I somehow managed to go back to sleep with a full Bladder.👣

WHALEY HOUSE ( San Diego , California)

On my 35th Birthday My husband and I returned to San Diego. We accidently walked up to the Whaley House after we ate  Dinner in Downtown San Diego. I heard about the Whaley house being a Haunted Location but I didn't know the backstory of the Haunting or History, I just heard about it being haunted that's it.  There is a Movie called "The Whaley House " which like most  Horror Films is greatly exaggerated, Since my ghostly experience I had 2 years earlier at  "The Queen Mary, " I was def. up for another.  Well, Happy Birthday to Me I definitely had a few  that were indeed PARANORMAL,  the Whaley House Haunting experiences....

-About 5 mins. or so after My husband Angel and I walked into the Whaley House I had a random Chest Pain.. It was like a bad heart burn but with tightness.

I am not one to get heart burn ...especially if i just ate shrimp for dinner with mashed potatoes...not something that would subject anyone to get heartburn from.

-Whaley Spook 1-

Later on we took a tour, and  had just learned  about Vicky Whaley who had a husband  who left her and she was forced to live her life banished from the public she became depressed and committed Suicide by shooting herself in the chest. 💀 Numerous reports of Women that visit the house start having chest pain.....Coincidence? Nope that had to be Vicky.

2nd Encounter

The first floor has a Parlor Room that is furnished with a Piano and other instruments We were told on the tour that Vicky Loved playing music, Piano Mainly.

-Whaley Spook 2-

- Angel and I were looking at the Parlor and jokingly started trying to persuade Vicky's spirit to play some music for us after a min. of standing there  we heard nothing. 
-Nothing up until Angel and I were both about to turn around to walk away  then suddenly  we heard  A Musical Sound from the Piano, just one high tone Piano Key sound.  Angel and I paused looked at each other then looked at the piano and became excited ,  and started to laugh we couldn't believe  what we both just heard .
-The parlor is closed off for guest to enter but the room is still open for viewing  and there definitely was no one else in that parlor or near the piano... Oh, Vicky ...You got me again!

More about the Spirits of The Whaley House

Maybe Ghost Maybe Not?


2001 - A friend and i attempted to hide from running the track in GYM class

so we went to the Girls Bathroom at the Indoor Auditorium. we were both at the sinks washing our hands trying to kill time when suddenly the door of the handicap stall started to creep open slowly we both turned and looked right it and it then slammed shut ... no one else was in that Bathroom but us two ,,, we ran out so fast .. Never attempted to skip out on Gym again ..

🖤When I was about 8 or 9 years old I had seen the Apparition of my Grandma Peggy SITTING at the kitchen table in her Home where she used to live. She was just sitting there looking at my dad who was cooking dinner at the time, This was about a month after she died.

🖤At the age of 13 , Once when i was asleep I was awoken by a slight heaviness on my chest, I opened my eyes and saw the apparition of my Cat Kiki laying there on my chest . Kiki had died 4 days earlier from getting hit by a car, and I was so devastated until that moment . I knew she never left me and she never will,

👻All different types of Hauntings, and still looking forward to having more, once Quarantine and Curfew is over I may have more Ghost Stories to tell.


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